A workshop to honor the memory of J.R. Houck
25-28 Jun 2017 Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14850 (United States)


      Presentations are given at 120 Physical Sciences Bldg.  
Day Time Speaker Title Duration
      Welcome Reception  
Sunday 7:00 PM   Reception at the Hartung Boothroyd Observatory (HBO) on Mount Pleasant, and celebration of Jim Houck's contributions and commitment to the development and construction of the HBO  
9:00 PM   Stargazing at the HBO  
      DAY 1  
Monday, 26 June 8:30 AM   REGISTRATION  
9:30 AM Gordon Stacey (LOC) Welcome 0:15
  Chair: Gordon Stacey Session Ia: The Spitzer-IRS Scientific Legacy -- Overview  
9:45 AM Tom Roellig A brief History of the Spitzer-IRS 0:30
10:15 AM Vianney Lebouteiller CASSIS - The Archival Spectra of the Spitzer IRS 0:30
10:45 AM   COFFEE 0:30
11:15 AM JD Smith (remotely) The challenges and successes of MIR mapping spectroscopy 0:30
  Chair: Mike Werner Session Ib: The Spitzer-IRS Scientific Legacy -- Galactic Science  
11:45 AM Melissa McClure Proto-planetary Disks and the IRS `lores' Legacy 0:30
12:15 PM   LUNCH BREAK 1:30
1:45 PM Dan Watson Protostars and the IRS `hires' Legacy 0:30
2:15 PM Joseph Harrington The Legacy of Spitzer Exoplanet Observations 0:20
2:35 PM Dae-Sik Moon Broadband Infrared Spectroscopy for Core-collapse Supernova Nucleosynthesis 0:20
2:55 PM Greg Sloan Stellar spectroscopy 0:20
3:15 PM   COFFEE & POSTERS 1:15
4:30 PM Avani Gowardhan Characterizing obscured AGN in powerful outflow hosts using mid-IR spectral diagnostics 0:20
  Chair: Dan Watson Session IIa: IR Facilities "high up"  
4:50 PM Bill Reach SOFIA's remarkable spectroscopic achievements and promise 0:30
5:20 PM Jeff van Cleve Congregation of Vapors: Towards a Synoptic View of Water Vapor in Support of Airborne IR Astronomy 0:20
5:40 PM Gordon Stacey CCAT-prime: A high sensitivity, high throughput telescope for exploring star and galaxy formation and cosmology 0:20
6:00 PM   END OF DAY  
      DAY 2  
Tuesday, 27 June   Chair: Judy Pipher Session Ic: The Spitzer-IRS Scientific Legacy -- Extragalactic Science  
9:00 AM Henrik Spoon IDEOS - The Infrared Database of Extragalactic Observables from Spitzer 0:20
9:20 AM Vassilis Charmandaris Spectral Diagnostics in the IR (IRS, Herschel, and beyond) 0:30
9:50 AM Carl Ferkinhoff Infrared fine-structure line studies of early galaxies, what is next? 0:20
10:10 AM Mansi Kasliwal The Dynamic Infrared Sky 0:20
10:30 AM   COFFEE 0:30
11:00 AM Duncan Farrah Dusty Starbursts and Quasars - Past and Future 0:30
11:30 AM Lei Hao S3AGA 0:30
12:00 PM Amit Vishwas Direct Detection sub-mm Spectroscopy of the ISM of Galaxies in the Early Universe 0:20
12:20 PM   LUNCH BREAK 1:10
  Chair: Jeff van Cleve Session IIb: IR Facilities on the Ground  
1:30 PM Dan Jaffe Gratings for high Resolution Spectroscopy 0:20
1:50 PM Daniel Devost SPIRou, a new NIR spectro-polarimeter for CFHT 0:20
2:10 PM Terry Herter TripleSpec: The "Cloned" Near-IR Spectrograph 0:20
2:30 PM John Wilson Jim’s Mentorship through Instrument Building : the example of CorMASS 0:20
2:50 PM   COFFEE & POSTERS 1:10
  Chair: Stephen Rinehart Session III: Future space-based Observatories  
4:00 PM Jon Gardner The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) 0:30
4:30 PM Rieke/Brandl The Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) for the JWST 0:30
5:00 PM Peter Roelfsema Spectroscopy with SPICA 0:20
5:20 PM Margaret Meixner The Origins Space Telescope (OST) 0:30
5:50 PM   END OF DAY  
      DAY 3  
Wednesday, 28 June   Chair: James Lloyd Session IV: Key Technologies for the Future  
9:00 AM Steven Rinehart High Angular Resolution in the FIR: Space-based Interferometry 0:20
9:20 AM Jason Spyromilio Extremely Large Telescopes (ELTs): Promises and Challenges 0:30
9:50 AM Bernhard Brandl Mid-IR Spectroscopy on the E-ELT with METIS 0:20
10:10 AM Judy Pipher Large format HgCdTe arrays for mid-IR wavelengths 0:20
10:30 AM Matt Bradford MKIDs - IR Spectroscopy without Optics 0:20
10:50 AM   COFFEE 0:30
  Chair: Tom Roellig Session V: From the Past to the Future  
11:20 AM George Rieke Infrared Astronomy's Delayed Development 0:20
11:40 AM Lisa Kaltenegger The perspectives for Exoplanet Detection and Characterization 0:30
12:10 PM Mike Werner Looking ahead in IR astronomy 0:30
12:40 PM Bernhard Brandl (SOC) Concluding remarks 0:20
1:00 PM   LUNCH BREAK 1:30
    Excursion to Taughannock Falls State Park and Workshop Dinner  
2:30 PM   Bus Departure  
3:30 PM   Gentle Walk to Taughannock Falls  
6:00 PM   Dinner at the lakeside Pavillon boardering Cayuga Lake  
    After dinner talk  
7:30 PM Tom Soifer & George Gull Jim Houck's scientific accomplishments -- and Jim as a person  
10:00 PM   END OF DAY  
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